Sunday, October 13, 2013

Been awhile...

Good grief, I guess I got busy and forgot to blog, huh?  For 3 years...  My husband and I sold our house and are living in a home my parents bought as a fixer-upper.  Unfortunately, their own home is not yet complete after a winter windstorm blew their roof off and they had to re-design the top floor. Meaning, though they bought this new place as an investment, they really don't have the time or money to fix it up.  They asked us to move into their fixer-upper so they wouldn't have to pay the utility bills, so we did, and the house is no longer a fixer-upper.  My wonderful husband and I have completely remodeled the home into something super comfortable and cozy.  It was our thanks to my parents for many things they have done for us, and giving us a place to stay until we find the right property.

     This place was sort of a late 70's early 80's nightmare of brown shag carpet, yellowed linoleum that ran up the walls, wood paneling in the living room and 2 bedrooms and a bathroom I didn't even want to think about showering in.  Correction, you couldn't shower.  No shower plumbing was ever installed.  So we put up drywall, everywhere, ripped the drywall out from the tub and installed cement board and tiles and ran plumbing for a shower.  Previously the tub surround was drywall with linoleum glued to it.  There was never a bathroom exhaust fan, so we had to install one and a new timer switch for it.

     Let me say, the electrical in this place was crazy.  It was not an easy task to run any new lighting.  There are 3 lights in the bathroom.  Three switches for each.  Each switch is in a different room.  The vanity light's switch is above the sink, the central ceiling light's switch is in the living room and another small light's switch is in a bedroom.  This could not be corrected without some major wiring overhaul.  We decided we could live with it, since the living room is just outside the bathroom, as is the switch.  I also figured the bedroom's switch could act as a sort of night light to find our way in the dark.  So, we've gotten used to it.

     We didn't want to spend the money to buy all new kitchen cabinets, so we used the kit from a home improvement center to refinish the dark oak with a lovely shade of gray.  White beadboard went over the old linoleum that ran up the kitchen walls and of course everything given some nice paint.  The living room was given some custom cabinetry for a beautiful entertainment center.  We soundproofed the wall behind the entertainment center, as it is also the master bedroom wall.  My husband completely customized the entertainment center including hidden switches, new hidden wall sockets for the flat screen and game systems, fans and vents for electronics hidden behind cabinet doors as well as a complete temperature monitoring system that kicks the fans on when electronics get warm.  One of the 6' tall, 2' deep cabinets has slide-out drawers with lights for video game organization.  By the way, did I mention we're nerds?

     Anyway, that's enough for now.  I will post more about this remodel and my blogging absence soon.  I will also add pics.

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