Monday, October 14, 2013

Bedroom Remodel


My husband was furiously working with me to get this bedroom done.  We wanted to move in, but I wouldn't sleep in the room before we had it remodeled.  My problem with the place was a combination of allergies and asperger's.  I have issues with living in used spaces, and drywall dust is a no-no.  All doors and trim were removed.  Doors got paint and trim got replaced.  This bedroom had the wood paneled walls and brown shag carpeting.  The closets are interesting.  One larger closet has 2 bi-fold doors and a smaller closet has a regular door.  I ended up using the smaller closet for laundry and household supplies.  The room is fairly small at 11x12' and my huge bed and matching dresser would prove to be too much for the space, so the dresser ended up inside the closet.  To fit the dresser in the closet, I had to move the clothes rod up.  It makes it difficult for me to reach, so I used one of those grabber poles you see on commercials.  The previous owner (a senior) owned it and I am still making use of it for hanging clothes.
The room got new carpet and pad, drywall, paint, trim and lights.  I used a richer brown in satin for the accent wall.  The other walls got the same brown, but I mixed white paint until I got a lighter shade I thought was nice.  A beautiful crystal ceiling light casts a diamond pattern across the walls and the shade of brown I chose seems to glow.  It's important to choose a brown paint in satin, and make sure you choose the right base colors for this.  Too much red or yellow as a base could give you a dark or dingy feel.  Brown satin paint gives off a glow and is very comforting for a bedroom.

Wall Sconces were added as night lights for either side of the bed.  They are easy to install and I put nightstands in front of the cords anyway, so they aren't visible.  I chose the dark brown as the accent wall behind the bed because my bed is a dark cherry with black leather.  Since the bed is so large, I didn't want it to seem so imposing and instead blend into the wall behind.  Choosing wall colors that match your furniture can really make a space seem larger.  Even the placement of my curtains was meticulous.  I made my husband hold the curtains up until I decided they were at the right height.  The right height, in this case, was just below the ceiling trim.  Putting the rod just above the window frame, it shrunk the wall by dividing it into sections.  It made the room seem shorter and was a definite no-go.
For more remodel pics, visit my flickr site.

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